SNL’s Pete Davidson Gets Tattoos for New Girlfriend Ariana Grande

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Only a few weeks after they’ve begun dating, SNL comedian Pete Davidson has shown his loyalty to new girlfriend Ariana Grande by getting not one, but two tattoos for the popular singer.

In terms of trends I do not at all understand — weird, stand-up like SNL dudes dating beautiful stars of stage and screen is one of them. Colin Jost, your 12th favorite person to appear at the Weekend Update desk at any given segment, is dating Scarlett Johansson (whose work as Mindy in the Spongebob Squarepants movie alone eclipses most of what that dude has done). Now, we have Pete Davidson dating Ariana Grande. At first glance, they seem like two young celebrity goofs enjoying themselves, their youth and their inexplicable fame as they pose together wearing robes at Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.

Then, just like any young goofs, one of said beautiful youthful goofs takes it a little too far, as Pete Davidson may have when he got not one, but two tattoos honoring his new girlfriend, and maybe love? I don’t know! 24-year-old Pete Davidson got one tattoo on his thumb, with the initials ‘AG’, for Ariana Grande of course, and one of Ariana Grande’s famous bunny ear accouterment behind his ear.

If I got my girlfriend’s initials tattooed on my thumb when I was 24, looking at them would remind of just how much I had to learn at age 24 when it comes to being a remotely good boyfriend. But, also, I was just freelancing back then, and I enjoyed watching Pete Davidson break on SNL during the lobster sketch, so I’m going to give that guy a break.

Besides, even though it’s been a few weeks, look how much he seems to be enjoying this! Let’s hope Ariana Grande is enjoying it this much too! Classic 24-year-old dating move — ignoring the other person’s level of interest!


Weirder, however, is Pete Davidson’s tattoo of Hillary Clinton. Look, I voted for and supported Hillary Clinton just like everyone else who didn’t want to see the Earth turn into a bad hotel owner’s hell-pit, but I also voted and supported John Kerry in 2004, and if I got a tattoo of Kerry I would — wait, scratch that. If I had John Kerry’s tattoo on my arm, it would be so boring and weird, it would kind of be punk in its absurdity? Anyway — Pete Davidson, I am excited for your Kamala Harris tattoo coming up next.

So, Pete Davidson — I think I’ve come around to you. Not Colin Jost, though! Colin, if you want me to come around you’ve got to play someone in a Spongebob movie, and buddy — I don’t think you’ve got the chops!

What do you think of Pete Davidson’s tattoo? Should he have like… waited a second, or is this fine because he’s a glorious 24-year-old soul who is going to live forever? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

And, remember… wait a while before you get tattoos of a significant others’ name. From what I hear, tattoo removal hurts quite a bit.


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