Sommer Ray & Adin Ross Charge $60,000+ For Used Hot Tub Water

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Source: Adin Ross on Twitch.

Sommer Ray and Adin Ross put a SMART water bottle’s worth of used hot tub water for auction on eBay; bids have reportedly reached as high as $60,000 or $90,000. The hot tub water is from Sommer Ray and Adin Ross’s hot tub stream on June 19, 2021, which peaked at 150,000 concurrent live viewers and has 1,449,412 views as of June 25, 2021.

Although the original eBay post was taken down, Hollywire reports bids as reaching $100,000 at one point. A tweet with a screenshot seems to confirm this.

Many fake hot tub bottles are up for sale, with some going for as much as $15,000. One eBay post even baits bidders with a misleading title, only to clarify that it’s actually a picture–not bath water–for sale.

Fans of Ray and Ross went crazy over the bath water auction on Twitter.


Some users are pointing out that the proceeds are going to charity…

…while others are wondering why one would buy someone else’s used bath water.


Seeing as people are still bidding on the fake hot tub water bottles, there is a market for selling one’s used bath water.


Ray and Ross aren’t the first to exploit this market, however. Back in July of 2019, lewd cosplayer Belle Delphine sold “GamerGirl Bath Water” for $30 a bottle–they reportedly sold out 3 days later. Delphine was apparently inspired to start selling her bath water after receiving numerous comments from fans who wanted to drink it.

Whether Ray and Ross got the idea from Delphine is unknown.


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