Squid Game: the Reality Show is Real and Coming to Netflix

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Image: Netflix

You might be aware that right now, Netflix subscriptions are at an at-all-time-low. So, when it comes to gaining more subscriptions and keeping the ones they already have, it makes sense that they would use their most popular television show to make this possible. When the first season of Squid game was released, it became an instant hit and quickly became the most-watched show on Netflix. So, after they announced that a second season would be on its way, they also surprised fans and announced a reality TV show based on the show would be real. Not only that, but winners will receive the biggest cash price from a television show so far: 4.56 million dollars.

The show promises that you will leave unharmed, but carries the same promise that the original show did, which is winning millions of dollars. But, this is now causing some controversy. The show focused on the realities of capitalism and how wealthy people use poor people as means of entertainment. In making a reality show, some thought that this lessened the value and original take from the show, which many realized as a critique of capitalism.

Some also commented on the fact that the show probably wouldn’t be as interesting as a reality TV show as the fictional version. The show uses children’s games and so the stress and tension built within the show do not come from the games themselves, but from the worry, of the characters will be able to survive the next round. In Squid Game, if you lose, you lose your actual life, and since Netflix obviously cannot kill their players, some are wondering if the show will actually be worth watching.

Overall, there is a mixed response. Some believe that Netflix is milking off their best-performing series and will eventually make their audience bored of it if they see it too much. Others believed this to be a symptom of failing to understand the show and its social critiques


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