Stressed Starbucks Barista Cries in Viral Video over Stress at Her New Job

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In a viral video on TikTok, a stressed-out barista and TikTok user @0utspoken, who goes by Sarah, complains that she was not properly trained and had to work during the rush hour with only three workers present and a drive-thru line that was down.  These are already stressful circumstances, but this is also combined with the fact that Sarah did not feel prepared or trained. In tears, Sarah explains that she feels she is taking the heat from both angry customers and frustrated coworkers and that at only three weeks working at the job, she wanted to quit.

The video has since gone viral, with over 100 thousand likes. She explains that she has not worked in a fast-food restaurant in 10 years and that the Starbucks she works at is “so demanding.” In her original video, many asked Sarah what she would expect from a job like Starbucks. However, other people were more supportive and noting that it would get better the more that she works there, encouraging her to not give up. This opens up the fair discussion of fast food and how jobs treat or train their employees. Some blamed Sarah, noting that she should get a job that does not require working in a fast pace environment so that she does not get overwhelmed. Others noted that Starbucks in particular is a difficult job in general and that the customers are often rude and training is usually lacking.


An Unfortunate Update

Since the video was posted on June 11th, Sarah has commented on July 4th with unfortunate news. She notes that she originally took the video down because she was “tattled” on by another coworker. She says things got better after this video, but it did not stay this way. She reports that after standing up for herself to a coworker that was harassing and bullying her, she was then fired.


Though Sarah does not work there anymore, she continues posting videos defending her emotional stance in the original video. She continues to reiterate that mental health is important and should be taken seriously and that a lot of the rude or harsh comments are why people do not reach out when they are having a hard time.

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