Tech CEO Falls to His Death On Stage In Front of Crowd at Company Party

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Tech CEO Sinjay Shah

A Chicago-area tech CEO died after falling onto a stage at a company event in India last week.

Vistex CEO Sanjay Shah, 56, and company president Raju Datla, 52, were marking the software company’s silver jubilee celebration when the incident occurred last Thursday.

According to a CBS affiliate in India, there were roughly 700 people in attendance at the event.

The two men were hoisted inside of a vage when a chain holding it broke on one side, causing both men to fall quite a large drop on stage, per Fox Business and WBBM-TV.

“At the time of the accident, music was being played, and Shah and Raju were waving to their staff while being lowered,” a police official told The Times of India.

In a video obtained by the New York Post, the cage began to wobble as it hovered over the stage.

Shah died at a hospital following the terrifying incident, while Datla, who sustained a severe head injury, remains in critical condition, per the reports.


The New York Post reported that officials are now investigating.

According to The New York Post, Shah started the advisory service company in 1999, and its clients include Coca-Cola and GM, among others.

Vistex honored the men by lowering their company flag to half-staff, WBBM-TV reported.

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