The 1975 Frontman Matty Healy Is Rumored To Be Dating Taylor Swift

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Matty Healy, The 1975, band, Taylor Swift

Weeks after Taylor Swift’s alleged breakup with actor Joe Alwyn after six years, rumors have already begun to swirl online about Swift’s next romance. The rumors currently point to the 1975 frontman Matty Healy, who Swift has previously collaborated with.  The Sun was first to report the news, and an anonymous source spoke to the New York Post’s Page Six about the alleged relationship.  A source claimed that Swift and Alwyn actually broke up in February, and that Swift and Healy did not want to “hide away” their alleged relationship.

Healy has rapidly become simultaneously one of the most relevant singers in indie rock and one of the most controversial ones. Healy previously came under fire for making allegedly racist comments towards rapper Ice Spice, kissing fans during concerts, and several other on-stage controversial moves he dubbed as “performance art.” The 1975 initially rose to fame during the mid-2010s Tumblr grunge revival period, in which indie music found a new audience amid angsty teenagers looking to deviate from the mainstream.

Social Media Reacts

While Healy recently apologized for his remarks about Ice Spice, which were made on an appearance on “The Adam Friedland Show”, some Taylor Swift fans still feel skeptical that Swift would be involved with such a a controversial figure in music.

Despite the mounting rumors, fans of both musicians are urging the internet to proceed with caution. Swift has previously spoken out on the impact that the tabloid media has had on her personal life and career. Famously, the “Reputation” album focuses on how the press and pop culture at large villainized Swift over her personal dating life.

The Sun has also long had a contentious reputation for spreading rumors about the royal family and British celebrities. Onlookers are reminding people to wait for more reputable sources to come forward if the rumor does wind up being true.


The History

After the shock settled, fans recalled an interview with Healy from a few months ago in which the singer-songwriter divulged that his band collaborated with Swift on several tracks for her 2022 album “Midnights” that did not wind up making the final cut.

The reason for the cut remains unclear, though some are now suspecting that Swift removed them from the album to avoid media attention on their potential relationship. Swift did make a surprise appearance at the 1975’s London tour stop to cover their track “The City” and debut her own song “Anti-Hero” live.

Fans of both artists are hoping that regardless of whether the rumors are true or not, that the collaborations between the two are released. Both have been longtime fans of each other’s songwriting abilities, and attended each other’s concerts.


One fan pointed out that coincidentally, The 1975 previously released a song titled “She’s American” while Swift released “London Boy.” Of course, Swift is American and Healy is British. Swift’s track referenced her relationship with Alwyn at the time it was written.

Further rumors speculate that Healy will now appear as a guest performer at Swift’s upcoming stop on “The Eras Tour” in Nashville, Tennessee. The 1975 is currently on their own international tour, and Healy has not confirmed if he will be taking a trip to Music City this weekend.

Throughout all the rumors one thing remains clear–that the world wouldn’t mind these two music masterminds together.

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