This Customer Left Scripture Instead of a Tip and Sparks a Debate About the “After Church” Rush

"This is so messed up."
By Savannah Moss
Image: @punkfrances and @jenmich416 | TikTok

Right now, a few videos going viral on TikTok are sparking a debate about the type of customers servers often get as a waiter at a restaurant. In one TikTok, a creator says that the “worst type of customer” to get is the crowd after Sunday when people come after going to church. This might have been a bold post, but the video by Jen, or @Jenmich416 on TikTok, soon went viral with almost 80 thousand likes, as people agreed. For some reason, many people who just got from church tend to be difficult characters to serve and are even notorious for not leaving a tip, which some find ironic and a bit odd since the church often teaches kindness.



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Many responded to the video with their own stories, including someone who stiched the video and said that her customers coming from church would not only arrive in big groups with small and unruly children but that they would also leave a fake 100 dollar bill with scripture, saying that it is “better” than any monetary tip they could have. This video went viral as well, with almost 570 thousand likes. She said that this did not happen once, but that a family would continue to come back and do this, horrifying many.


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Many agreed that this was outrageous since servers are paid below minimum wage and need tips to live. Commenters were shocked that someone would do this and feel brave enough to return so much that the restaurant began to recognize them. One person wrote, “I worked at a family-owned cafe across from a megachurch and the owner decided to close on Sundays because the church crowds were so awful to us.”


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These posts were not alone in their horror stories, as other people stiched the video and explained their experiences. One person explained that “Sundays were always the worst” to which many agreed. It’s interesting how this crowd has been identified as being the worst and how even servers on TikTok all had such similar experiences.