This TikToker is Facing Heat After Posting Her Helicopter Ride to Coachella

"Guys I think she might have a rich boyfriend idk though."
By Savannah Moss
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A TikTok creator is facing heat after she posted that she was able to travel to Coachella in a helicopter, all thanks to her “rich boyfriend.” The creator, whose name on TikTok is “Stay at Home Girlfriend” received over one million views and 200 thousand likes after saying she and her best friend “both have rich boyfriends and are going to Coachella in a helicopter with artist passes.” Many immediately commented on their distaste for this video, claiming that she was “flexing for no reason” and that she was causing further damage to the environment, as many believe that helicopters are contributing to the growing rise of greenhouse gases.


Did y’all really think u would catch me in that traffic ? #stayathomegirlfriend

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Although many influencers post about their life, usually the more luxurious the better, this video left a bad taste in many’s mouths for some reason. One user wrote, ” I was gonna say let the girl enjoy it but every single thing she posts is saying her bf is rich and bragging.” Many were not fans of this content, as in each video she mentioned something like a “private chef” or being able to spend her boyfriend’s money.


Get fed #stayathomegirlfriend

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One commenter wrote “do you need a best friend? I’m really good at spending other people’s money as well.” While another person wrote about how they worked “70 hours this week and can’t afford groceries for my kids cause they raised our rent again.” The response to this creator’s videos was definitely not positive, with many people critiquing her for bragging about being spoiled or for spending money that does not belong to her.


This is perfect. Perfect perfect perfect #stayathomegirlfriend

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But, it is important to remember that this is the internet, and often people grow their influence and platform through hatred and doing things that they know will get people to talk about them. It’s possible it is her own money she is spending but is playing it up for attention, which is not unheard of online. Some did not see it as a big deal, especially if the boyfriend was on board to spoil her, which isn’t anyone’s business.