This TikToker Shows the New Bikes Target Threw Away and People are Upset

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Image: @Dumpster_finds | TikTok

Recently, dumpster diving has become more popular on TikTok, as people showcase the things that companies throw away that might surprise you, like food that is not expired or unbroken products. So, when another TikToker known for her dumpster diving finds showcased that she found several bikes thrown away, seemingly new and working, the findings did not sit well with many on TikTok. With views growing to almost 300 thousand views, many could not believe that Target would not even consider donating the items and instead threw them away.


when target can’t be bothered to donate ???????? #dumpsterdiving #dumpsterfinds #fyp #donation #dobetter #MoveWithTommy

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Many in the comments tried to theorize why Target would insist on throwing these away instead of donating them. Some said that they could not donate them by law, in case they had to be recalled. “Target won’t donate because if someone gets hurt they are liable. Something happened in the past that they got sued for something they donated” wrote one person in the comments. According to the company’s policy, they do not donate merchandise but they donate to the community in other ways. So, since the items cannot be donated, some wondered why they would be discarded.

Image: @dumpster_finds | TikTok

Some wondered if there was something wrong with the bikes that people were unaware of. But, Target is not the only company that throws away items in surplus like the one showed. If you look on TikTok, there are so many videos of dumpster diving with millions of views, as people cannot believe what people are able to find from looking in the company’s dumpsters.

Many employees say that if items are not selling, they are told to destroy them before they throw them away so that people cannot use them if they find them in dumpster diving. These videos have opened the eyes of many who were not aware of the surplus of waste by companies. It seems like these companies would rather waste these products purposely if they are not going to make a profit instead of giving them away, which many are disappointed by.

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