This Woman’s Parenting Skills are Concerning Users on TikTok and Twitter

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In a recent controversial video circling on TikTok and Twitter, a woman says that her son is missing and that he ran away. She explains that he has been missing since 7 pm the previous night, as he “took it upon himself to run away.”  In the video, which is now deleted and the original account has been removed, the woman says “If you know me, when you catch him, do as you please with him” as she winks.

Many were immediately not okay with this video, as some found it incredibly inappropriate that the mother would insinuate that someone could “do as they please” with a child, no matter what her true intentions or meanings behind that were. In the video, she also makes fun of her son, calling his jacket “dingy” or “skinny girl jeans.” Though the mother was claiming he ran away because he did not want to follow rules his parents had given him, many are saying he might have ran away because he adid not feel safe or welcomed at home.

One person asks “So she’s ok with letting random men do what they please to her son? This is so sick. I see why he ran away.” In an additional video, the woman responds to a comment saying the mother wanted to “beat his ass.” In the video, the son is holding a backpack that is clearly heavy above his head. Whenever he struggles or tries to put it down for a second for rest, she immediately turns around to admonish him and tell him to put it back up, and at one point threatens to “punch” him.

Though many were concerned for this woman’s parenting tactics, others were concerned with the son, who was missing overnight. Many wondered that besides the discipline and ways she talks about her son, why would she be so concerned with posting on TikTok, instead of looking for her missing son? Though TikTok has proven to be very helpful in situations like this sometimes, the woman was spending a lot of time and energy posting multiple videos.


Some people thought her parenting methods were warranted, especially if a child was acting out, saying that children need discipline. Though discipline is incredibly subjective, many are passionate that it should never include physically harming a child, or telling people on TikTok to do what they please with her son if he is found. All in all, many are hoping that the son is safe, whether he decides to return home or not.

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