TikTok and Barnes and Noble Teamed up to Create the #BookTokChallenge

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Image: @Kendrareads and @aymansbooks | TikTok

Last month, The New York Times reported that TikTok generates book popularity in the form of #BookTok and “has helped authors sell 20 million printed books in 2021.” So, it should be no surprise that TikTok and Barnes & Noble teamed up to form a challenge for readers online in the form of a booktok challenge. The challenge inspires and encourages users to share their thoughts using the hashtag “#booktokchallenge” to share their favorite reads or recommend books to other users.


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Popular creators in the book corner of TikTok, like @aymansreads or @kevintnorman partnered with the two companies as well to kick off the challenge, which officially started last week. According to Barnes and Noble, the creators created the hub underneath the hashtag where they recommend popular books on the app and participants can read the book and post about it too. “The books we’ve chosen run the gambit of tropes of the most popular on Tiktok presented in a way to allow your child to discover new books based on what they already love to read,” Barnes and Noble said on their blog.


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Booktok has definitely exploded in popularity over the past few years as the app grows, inspiring people who might have already been steady readers, but also creating new bookworms by generating interest in the app. Since the challenge takes place over the summer and stops during August, many think this can be a successful way to make people excited about reading again. “Our partnership with TikTok on the #BookTokChallenge is to harness the power of books to help people expand their minds through reading,” writes Barnes and Noble.

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