TikTok of Homeless Man Declining Free Meal Faces Backlash

This did not sit well with many viewers.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @ashleychabali | TikTok

In a recent TikTok going viral, a user @ashleychabali, or just Ashley, posts a video of her offering food to a homeless man that said he was hungry, but he denies her food. Though the man is holding a sign when she tries to offer him food, he signals to her he is not interested. This definitely got some people heated in the comments, some on the defense of the homeless man, and others saying he should have accepted her offer, especially since he was asking. The TikTok, which was posted a few days ago, has already racked up 37 thousand likes and over one thousand comments.


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Although the video presents the audience with a limited view, as it only shows the side of the creator, many jumped in to criticize the man, saying that he should change his sign and say that he is “hungry but not starving.” People also said that the man was probably scamming and only looking for money, but not actually needing it. One commenter said “That’s how you know they really aren’t desperate at all. Don’t give them anything.”

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Image: @ashleychabli | TikTok

However, not everyone was judging the man and instead stood up for him. For one, it has become a trend where people record themselves giving a homeless person food. Many are not fans of this as it profits off of other people’s misfortunes, which is never appropriate. And, many believe it is not fair to the homeless person. Many pointed out that he might have seen the camera, as they were close to him, and that he might not have wanted a spectacle made out of him. Others said that he might not have wanted the type of food that they were offering him. Though this is controversial to some, one commenter wrote that “Homeless or not, people are allowed to decline.”

So, although not everyone agrees, homeless people might not want food given to them, even if they are hungry. Just like everyone else, people have preferences, may not like certain foods, or would prefer money to buy their own. This is definitely a controversial topic, as it is sensitive and involves a lot of harsh feelings towards those who are without a home.