TikTok User Speaks Out About Her Experience on “Wife Swap”

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TikToker, Heidi Mae, called out “Wife Swap” which was a famous television show in the early 2000s known for switching wives from two  different families. Usually, the families are incredibly different and the point of the show is stir up some drama. Now, she is calling out the experience she had and it is not good.


Starting off with a caption that notes “Such a terrible experience”, we already know that this is not going to be a happy update. Heidi starts the video by saying “Such a terrible experience.” It becomes worse, and her feelings are made clearer when she deems it the “worst mistake of their lives.” After making an appearance in the sixth season of the show, Heidi explains that before you appear on the show, you must first do an intense 700 question  psychological evaluation. In this evaluation, she explains to the psychiatrist that she has a fear of being alone and it is what makes her cry, as she grew up travelling with her family and would feel lonely at some points. Heidi then explains that during a fight with the “other” mother on the show, the woman tells her that she was alone and uncared for, which of course made her cry.

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According to The Daily Dot, Heidi alleges that the other mother on the show was often manipulated by producers, explaining that “Before every scene the producer would take her into a back room and talk to her, then would she came out it would be a fight. It wasn’t until she broke the rule of never talking to us when they cameras stopped rolling that we found out the producers were telling her lies about my mom and what was happening to her family. They wanted her angry and they knew that triggering her protective nature would do the trick.”


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In the original video, as well, she explains that she felt as if her pain or trauma was used to be exploited for the videos to amp up the drama and create more views. She explains that she felt as if her family was deemed “the bad family” and that the television show was intending to paint them badly. She says that she felt as if they would do whatever it would take to make that point clear. Heidi’s video created many views, with over 120 thousand likes and almost 2,000 comments. Heidi confirmed in a later video that she would make a part two to explain more of her experience on “Wife Swap.”


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