TikTok Video Shows Father Threatening to Disown His Daughter Because Her Boyfriend Is Trans

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Recently, a video on TikTok has gone viral from user @enoblehere, who goes by the name Elyse explaining that she has been kicked out of her house because her boyfriend is trans. This video has received over 60,000 likes, and though both Elyse and her boyfriend, Ash, are smiling and joking exclaiming “happy pride month,” the video evidence she later provides are extremely traumatic and upsetting. When her parents found out, they demanded to know how long they had been dating and telling her that she has a choice and that the choices she is making right now are not the right choices. These are tough words to hear from anyone, especially family. Elyse says in the video that she cares about how her family feels, and it shows that she does care and that is why she chose to tell them in the first place. The reaction, and the end result of Elyse being kicked out and moving very soon, is more than upsetting. Though today’s generation seems to become more accepting by the day, some people still do not understand.


The Ultimatum

Elyse first posted the video above where she and her boyfriend are laughing and dealing with the situation as best as one can. However, she later posted videos that are audio recordings revealing how the situation played out. Elyse’s father is quite upset throughout the video, raising his voice and claiming that she must choose between her blood family and Ash.


Though her parent’s response was less than supportive, many comments uplifted Elyse and her struggles as they comment “The fact that he’s making it seem like you have to choose him or your family is horrible. Your dad chose that, not you.” Comments poured in support, stating that “love wins” and “Blood can be family, but family isn’t always blood. It took me a long time to come to that realization, but I finally learned & and I’ve never been happier.” In the end, Elyse remains positive and optimistic about the upsetting situation and chooses to think positively about the choice of moving out.

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