TikTok Wants To Know Why Men Cannot Stop Thinking About The Roman Empire

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A young TikTok creator shared a video asking the men in her life how often they thought about the Roman Empire. When they all responded unanimously that they thought of the historical civilization often, a viral TikTok trend was born.


I just dont know how to feel about this I geniunely felt like I was being punk’d Original video i saw: @Madeline Heller #romanempire #romanempirememe #greenscreen

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Now, predominantly young women are asking their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers and friends how often they think of the Roman Empire. Every viral video that is a part of the trend offers the same result, with varying reasons. The Romans are remembered for their engineering and advanced inventions that influenced contemporary civilization as we know it.


he got so defensive???????? once a week is insane

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Some men expressed a kinship with the survival mentality of the “warriors” associated with the Roman Empire. Hannah Brown, formerly of “The Bachelorette”, explored this theory with her fiancé.


Never once do I think of such things. How is this real?! #romanempire

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On the other end of the spectrum, some are recognizing that men’s constant thinking about this ancient civilization goes to show what they truly paid attention to in history class. Some feel that the trend examines why so many men seemingly do not recall the historical global oppression of women, prevalent in other periods of time examined in most of America’s classrooms.



#romanempire #romanempires

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Women are now chiming in with their thoughts on “The Roman Empire theory” and how it applies to women. Some women theorize that the historical events women recall are the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, The Salem Witch Trials, and more.


#romanempire #romanempires

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The Analysis Behind Roman Empiregate

Some male TikTok creators and media personalities are jumping on the trend and explaining their logic for having the Roman Empire on their mind. Barstool’s Jack Mac spoke on the trend, and checked in on his coworkers’ thoughts.

Mac analyzed that he found himself thinking about the fall of the Roman Empire, and men’s repeat ruining of civilizations. He insinuated that he often thought of the ancient civilization as a cautionary tale of what could come in contemporary society.


Why do men think about the Roman Empire? Explained.

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Another TikTok creator alleged that men constantly think of the Roman Empire due to their inherent desire to conquer.


Roman Empire trend expalined from a man’s perspective. #romanempire #trend

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While men think of the Roman Empire, women and nonbinary creators think of other historical events, both for their unique simplicities and their survival mechanisms in an enduring patriarchal society. Others also focus on the artistic elements of different historical periods.


#stitch with @emmy #romanempire #tudors #titanic #romanovs #greekmythology

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Replying to @racheal.huffman I’m sorry if anyone felt left out or unseen! I am LOVING everyone’s responses and you are so seen! #romanempire #ancientegypt #salemwitchtrials

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Elsewhere, some women argue that they think more of their fears of the world and their favorite comfort figures in pop culture on a daily basis than historical events in general.


#stitch with @emmy #girlhood ????

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It remains unclear what the lasting impact of this for-you-page Roman revelation will be on American classrooms this fall, or what this litmus test of sorts means for interpersonal relationships in the era of the internet. Needless to say, Rome was not built in a day, and the conversation remains ongoing.

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