TikToker Asks for Help After LandLord Does Not Believe They Have Mold

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This TikToker is reaching out for help after her landlord did not believe her when her mold test came back positive. In the viral video, Elena posts that she and her roommates began getting headaches seemingly out of nowhere. When she saw videos of mold and how it can impact your health, she decided to do a test and see if mold was growing in her apartment. After swabbing a moldy vent, the petri dish began growing mold, which she showed to her landlord. The landlord, however, did not believe her.


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She then replaced the vent before a mold specialist could come to check on it, spraying it with Lysol to clean it. After the roommates experienced headaches and fevers, a doctor ordered them a mold exposure test. After this, the landlord agreed to a mold specialist, but demand that they pay for it even though they claim it was not their fault. The video then went viral with over 800 thousand likes and comments with advice, as Elena’s caption pleads for advice. Some people advised her to get an attorney since her health was affected and that this was illegal.


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The mold inspector found mold, as many suspected. The landlord was still asking to be reimbursed, which many believed was unfair and that she should definitely not have to pay for the mold test. Now, they are waiting for results to tell them if the mold in their house was toxic or nontoxic.


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She notes that she would not be surprised if the mold test came back as non-toxic and they were allergic to it, as this happens often. In the most recent update, she says that she nor her roommates will be paying for the mold specialist, as it was not their fault and that their landlord did not believe them. One comment notes “don’t pay bc mold was found. She said it herself just bc it’s safe doesn’t mean there isn’t mold u guys were right.” Now, many on TikTok are awaiting an update about the landlord and if the mold was toxic.


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