TikToker Points Out Hypocrisy in College Classes After Being Given Identical PowerPoint Slides in Two Different Classes

“After graduating college I realized how much of a scam it is."
By Savannah Moss
Image: @alexandriamilk | TikTok

In a viral video by creator Alex or @alexandriamilk on TikTok, she points out the hypocrisy of having to face dire consequences when it comes to plagiarism after being given two identical slides for different classes. In her video, which now has over 580 thousand likes, she says that she is taking two classes that are “presenting the exact same slides word for word” and that she is paying 46,000 dollars just to be given the same information in two different classes. Many pointed out that you can be expelled from college due to plagiarism, so it does not make sense that professors should be allowed to do this, especially if the student has to pay for both of the classes separately.


elmo’s gonna sue

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Alex wrote an email to the director, which many thought was a good idea, as it is definitely not a fair experience. This prompted many to talk about the expenses of college and how they consider it to be a “scam.” Others said that their professors had copied presentations from sources like Wikipedia, which would most likely prompt a teacher to fail you for that assignment at the very least. Others said that they could relate to Alex’s problem, where they paid for separate classes that copied from each other. In the comments, she goes on to say that if she is expected to purchase two different books, she would expect two different presentations.


$23000 a semester for repetition !!

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In an update, she explains that her school’s department of management responded, saying that they discussed with the faculty members and that they figured out why there was an overlap. It also said that “We are currently in search of a new full-time instructor… and expect an improvement in both differentiation and coordination between the two courses.”


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Alex said that she did not think this was enough of a response, and hoped for more. Many believed she deserved a refund, as the semester is more than halfway over. Alex also noticed how many people could relate to this issue, and how this should not be normal in the American education industry.