TikToker Goes Viral For Neck Pillow Travel Hack

If you love budget airlines but hate additional fees this one is for you.
By Maddison Hill
@anayotothe on TikTok

 If you love a good travel hack then this viral video is for you. TikTok user @anayotothe has now gone viral for trying a hack that has been going around TikTok where you take a travel pillow and stuff it with additional items to avoid an extra carry on charge for a budget airline such as Frontier or Spirit.


Okay who else wants to try this now? (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @Ayo!) #viral #travel #travelhack #neckpillow #whatstrending

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In her original video that has more than 1.3 million views you can see her taking extra clothes that wouldn’t fit in her backpack and putting them into the neck pillow. Everything she wanted to bring fit except for one shirt.

In a follow up video the TikToker revealed that the travel pillow hack did work no one checked the contents of her pillow. She also clarified that she took a budget airline because she was only flying from the Bay Area to Las Vegas because people questioned her about that in the original video.