TikToker Saucy AJ’s Videos Do Well On TikTok, but are They Staged or Real?

Regardless of the debate of AJ's TikToks, he still receives thousands of likes daily.
By Savannah Moss
Image: _saucyaj | TikTok

In a few recent viral videos on TikTok from Saucy AJ, who calls himself the “sauciest guy on this app.” In the increasingly popular videos, he approaches women in the mall, telling them that he thinks they are beautiful, and asks for their number. If a woman reports that she has a boyfriend, he will then reply asking when the wedding is. The woman, who is usually confused, asks what he means and he replies “Oh, so it isn’t serious.” In the videos, he is successful, and will then end up getting the phone number from the woman he approached.


SAUCIEST GUY ON TIKTOK😋🥫 #Foryou #Fyp #ZFlipClackdown #SaucyAj

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This TikTok user, AJ, has built up over 20 million likes on his videos and his videos usually have thousands, sometimes millions of likes and many comments engaging with his content. Some of the comments are positive, saying things like “She was really feeling it” or “I just wanna know if you really talked to all these girls.” However, some people doubt that his content is real and insist that it is staged. One person comments “Zero game, all videos scripted.”

Photo: _saucyaj | TikTok

Each video ends with the same song and film style, focusing on AJ and the woman interacting and exchanging numbers. This type of “vlogging” style that usually feels fake or staged is incredibly popular on TikTok, and it would not surprise viewers to know that AJ’s content was staged as well. AJ does other content as well, like interviewing strangers at the mall and asking if they would date each other. Many people believe that this content is staged as well.


Your 2nd @ wants to get at you😂😍 #FlauntItChallenge #Fyp #SaucyAj

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Many people believe that in the video, he found two people that knew each other previously, whether they were friends or in a relationship. Many of the comments point this out, saying “I think they’re friends acting out a script. The smile when she got in his face said it all.” However, there are still people that do not think the videos are staged, commenting on how aggressive the girl was in the video. Regardless of whether or not AJ’s TikToks are staged or scripted, AJ’s videos do incredibly well on TikTok.