TikToker is Uninvited from Wedding After Video Goes Viral Exposing Bride Calling Bridesmaid Fat

"You demoted me from a maid of honor to a bridesmaid because I'm fat."
By Savannah Moss
Image: @Liainlouisana | TikTok

In a recent viral TikTok, user @liainlouisana showed text messages between her and her cousin, who told her she was demoted from maid of honor to bridesmaid because she doesn’t “have any control” to go on a diet. The viral TikTok was framed as a joke, despite the hurtful messages, as Lia continues to eat Chik-fil-a as a “reward” in regards to the messages.


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The text messages are clearly hurtful, as the bride who is named Alejandra, tells her that the “bridesmaid group is not a therapy group.” Lia responds with “Are you embarrassed?” to which the bride responds “Of telling you to go on a diet… no. It’s my wedding.” Lia responds with “Alejandra, you demoted me from maid of honor because I’m fat.” The bride agrees and even says “Because you don’t have any control over yourself to go on a diet. I like people with discipline.” The disheartening conversation ended there, as the bride says she is going to sleep. Many of the comments on Lia’s post encourage her to not be in her wedding, commenting “I can see how understanding and compassionate you are in the comments but I am begging you to see that she has no respect for you and not to just take it.” Though many people encouraged her to not be in the wedding, Lia explains that though they are cousins they are more like sisters and she would regret it even if she treats her badly.

Lia’s comments encourage her to not attend as a bridesmaid. Image by: @liainlouisana

The Bride’s Response to Going Viral

In a video following up, Lia tells her audience that she was since uninvited from the wedding entirely. Lia says that she is “not going to the wedding” and explains how she had cried all afternoon. She explains that when she told the bride the video was blowing up, with over 100 thousand views, the bride uninvited her and tried to make it seem like it was Lia’s choice to not go to the wedding.


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Many people encouraged Lia, joking that the wedding was going to be lame anyway and that being uninvited could be a blessing in disguise.

Comments encouraging Lia about not attending the wedding. Image by: @LiainLouisana

Though a very upsetting experience, Lia received lots of love from people on TikTok who supported her and believed she did nothing wrong in making the original TikTok.