This TikToker’s Boss Caught Her at a Basketball Game After Calling out Sick

"She looks just like me!"
By Savannah Moss
Image: @kdimagery360 | TikTok

This TikTok user, @kdimagery360, or Kimmy, has recently gone viral after posting that her boss caught her attending a basketball game after calling out for being sick. The video shows an email she received from her boss, where was caught cheering for the Warriors on television.


I wanted to use my new camera… #photography #NBA #caughtoncamera

♬ The woman was too stunned to speak – – π™™π™€π™’π™žπ™£π™žπ™  –

The video then went viral, with over one million views and 105 thousand likes, accompanied by the viral TikTok sound saying “the woman was too stunned to speak.” Though the video was posted as a joke, Kimmy was probably not expecting it to go viral. Many of the comments were numerous, joking to respond that the woman looked exactly like her or was her secret twin. Another person recommended to thank him, as it was a flattering picture.

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Image: @Kdimagery360 | TikTok


Though posted originally for humorous purposes, it did open the doors to a surprising debate regarding the relationship between employers and employees. For example, some people noted that sick days should not be just for when you’re sick, but to use them for how someone wishes. One person notes to “normalize calling off for whatever the hell we feel like.” Though some agreed with this, saying that they often call out for mental health purposes or when they need a break, others believed that this would not be fair. One person replied “This is why y’all get fired.”


#stitch with @kdimagery360 also by the way a note is only needed after 3 days missed! @warriors #sickdays #hobbies

♬ original sound – Kimmy

In a follow-up video, Kimmy decided to hash out the debate within her comments and asked if people believed it was their bosses’ business for what someone does when they call out for being sick. One person noted to say you needed a personal day, as this is less specific than being “sick.” One person notes that it did not have anything to do with what they were doing, but instead that she lied and said she was sick to go to a basketball game, which is what some people had an issue with. Some thought that it would make her look untrustworthy if she was sick eventually and tried to call out. Either way, most comments agreed that employers should not have to know everything about an employee and what they are up to, but it was still up for debate in some people’s minds.