What You Need to Know About TikTok’s Viral Frozen Honey Trend

It’s honey except this time it’s frozen.
By Savannah Moss
What You Need to Know About TikTok’s Viral Frozen Honey Trend

Recently on TikTok, a viral trend including frozen honey has been making its rounds around the app. Many have been trying it eagerly. The trend is as easy as it sounds: you freeze honey. Once the honey is frozen, you can pour it out to enjoy. Some TikTok users even recommend putting corn starch in the mixture to improve the quality of the snack by making it thicker. This trend is incredibly popular, perhaps because of how easy and simple it is to do and most people have a bottle of honey in their pantry anyhow. The tag #frozenhoney has been viewed over 600 million times.


Some people did the trend for the sake of the satisfying watch of the honey exiting the bottle. One person notes that freezing it upside down helps to extract the honey after it is frozen. She also concluded that the frozen honey with the corn starch is the best, as demonstrated in her viral honey tutorial.


One interesting thing about the trend is the different ways people have experimented with the frozen honey. TikTok user @daveyrz posted numerous things to try it with, including mixing it with things like nerds candy or trying it with chocolate. One person commented “he basically owns this trend at this point.” His videos reached millions of likes, where many of his followers were eager to try the different ways of frozen honey.


Many have enjoyed the trend because the honey does not freeze solid, but instead in a jelly like form. This is why it gives the satisfying exit when you are pushing out the honey from the bottle. Though  a fun and seemingly harmless trend, health experts advise the honey trend in moderate amounts. For example, consuming an entire bottle of anything does not usually provide healthy consequences. Health experts say that the honey, as sweet as it is, is not good for your teeth. Also, it can lead to “gastrointestinal distress.” 

At the end of the day, most people confirm that the frozen honey tastes just like that: frozen honey.