Trending TikToks Has Inspired Many New Hacks to Clean Your Car

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Most people use social media as a way to network or to stay in touch with friends. However, both TikTokers and Youtubers have been able to inspire ways and hacks to keep your car clean. Not only have these viral hacks helped many with being able to keep their cars cleaned, but a Youtube video recently posted on Sunday highlights how one shop owner was able to fix a customer’s Tesla for 700 dollars when the company had asked for $16o0.


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In one video posted by @randomnesswithkim posted a hack that shows a unique detailing method to do before vacuuming. With 600,000 views and 25,000 likes, this video has definitely shown people how to easily clean and detail their own cars for free. With many other DIY cleaning hacks, she seems to be quite the car enthusiast


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Not only has TikTok enlightened people with different cleaning hacks, but many TikToks have helped with maintenance as well. If you have ever struggled to maintain your headlights without having to buy expensive cleaning products, TikTok has also been educating a lot of people on how to take care of that problem as well. This DIY hack from @lizethofeliaa has reached over one million views on the platform.

Another hack by @coley_07 shows how to clean your car seat with shaving cream and the results truly speak for themselves. A common thing about these hacks is how cheap they are compared to having a car professionally detailed, which is why these trends become so popular so quickly.


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Not Just Cleaning Hacks

Though these hacks are helpful for cleaning and car maintenance, what about what happens when something is actually wrong with your car and needs to be fixed? Popular Youtuber Rick Rebuilds, who is Rich Benoit, posted a video on Sunday that highlights how his shop was able to fix a Tesla’s battery pack. The Tesla, a model 3, had been damaged and needed the battery pack replaced. Tesla wanted 16,000 dollars for this, but Benoit’s shop was able to fix it for 7o0 dollars. This video has since received 32 thousand likes. According to “The Drive,” Benoit and his team were able to fix the small part “using a brass fitting like you’d find at any home improvement store” provided that the repairs done by Benoit would only cost about $700 which is nearly 23 times less than Teslas

This brings up the idea of the right to repair. Before Joe Biden signed an executive order that targets car manufacturers the right to repair their own products, some companies didn’t actually allow it. Benoit and his team wanted to push towards right-to-repair laws so that many consumers won’t have to rely on their own manufacturing companies to get expensive repairs like this particular Tesla. However, if you can’t DIY it, it’s better to go to car servicing experts.

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