Trisha Paytas Steps Back From Frenemies Podcast

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Trisha Paytas announced yesterday in a Youtube video that she would be stepping down from the Frenemies podcast hosted with  Ethan Klein after 39 episodes. This announcement comes after the most recent podcast episode where filming had to be ended short because of a disagreement between Klein and Paytas over Frenemies’ staff and Paytas’ cut from the money made from the podcast. The podcast, entitled Frenemies for a reason, is known for funny banter back and forth as Klein and Paytas have not always been on the best of terms. The argument began after Paytas mentioned she disliked a segment of the show they were planning to do, an advice column, and in return, Klein mentioned that all Paytas has to do is “show up.” This disagreement became more heated than either one intended on and ended with Paytas in tears as she left the set. Shortly after the podcast episode was released, Paytas announced their stepping back from the podcast. This will be Paytas’ third time claiming they will be leaving frenemies.

Hashed Out on Twitter

Instead of this being handled behind closed doors, both Paytas and Klein went back on forth on Twitter. Since the first announcement of Paytas departure, she has posted two more videos discussing the situation. Klein writes that “While Trisha keeps complaining about money, every single cent I’ve ever made from Frenemies is tied up in Frenemies merch that doesn’t come out for another month- of which she will still get 50% of the profits. Paid for, designed, produced by us. And I am treating her unfairly…”

Klein and Paytas have both removed many of their tweets, most likely tweeted in the heat of the moment, but the damage has been done since Twitter observed their argument. Klein wrote that their crew was hurt by what Paytas had said and felt disrespected, and many of them were receiving so much hate via Instagram that they had to go private. Paytas has since tweeted that she apologizes to the people she upset and that she is “embarrassed.”

Twitter’s Response

Since a lot of the discussion between Klein and Paytas happened on Twitter, many on the website had something to say. Many were upset to hear the end of the podcast, as it is a fan favorite.



Many were also split between sides, as some think the production should happen on a different channel as Paytas brought many new viewers to the H3 podcast.

Others believed Paytas’ behavior was rude, especially to the crew who put the podcast out.

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