Some People on Twitter are Upset Home Depot Might Have Given Employees Training Flyers on Unpacking Privilege

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Image: @Homedepot | Twitter

Right now on Twitter, people are not happy that the company The Home Depot might have “gone woke.” Posted earlier, an alleged training flyer handed out by the company teaches employees about privilege and how to unpack it. Although it is not proven that this came from the company, it has the logo on it, and was alleged it was handed out. Some on Twitter were not happy about this, especially as The Home Depot has a conservative past. Twitter users felt that this was “attacking” white people and should not have been passed out. Others, however, thought that it should be something more companies try to do, as they believed there should not be an issue with companies trying to be more inclusive and help unpack privilege.

The original post was made by Twitter account @libsoftiktok, a Twitter account dedicated to posting liberal TikToks to a mainly conservative audience. To some, the flyer seems pretty tame, as it asks people to think of the privilege they might have without thinking about it, like not having to worry about the police or using the public restroom without anxiety. But others had an issue, thinking it was dividing workers or even attacking those who do have the privilege, though it does not say so anywhere on the paper. Some also took it as a personal offense, like in regards to being abled-bodied, a person wrote “I’m sorry for having functional legs. I’ll make sure to saw them off with a hack saw.” However, the only thing they were referring to was that the flyer was explaining that some worry about how they will get into a store, especially if they do not have ramps for wheelchairs.

Others also attested that they saw similar flyers in the break room at Home Depot. Some wondered what the issue is, with one person noting that “If this Home Depot privilege guide upsets you you’re the reason why it’s needed.” And though say that the flyer was attacking white people, there were other aspects people of all races might have privilege from, like being able-bodied or straight. Still, some were definitely not happy with the flyers.

Overall, it seems to be another thing trending on Twitter that both sides of the political spectrum will not be able to agree on. Though some see this flyer as an attack, others see it as a wonderful educating moment. Some wonder if this is an appropriate thing to hang at work, especially since in the past work places were meant to be “neutral” so that there is no arguing or awkwardness while at work, while others state that they were not being forced to read or discuss the flyers.


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