VIDEO: Kevin Hart on The Oscars: “I’m Over It”

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Why do the Oscars think it’s so hard to find a host? Who exactly are they approaching who is saying no to them? Patton Oswalt has made a huge bid to host the Oscars, but it seems the Academy Awards are in love with Kevin Hart, whose old homophobic stand up act, and currently defensive attitude towards his comments about how he would smash a dollhouse over his son’s head if he came out as gay, raised enough eyebrows to get him to step down from the position, before attempting an awful return via an appearance on Ellen where he just talked about aggrieved he was by everyone not liking his violent homophobic Tweets.

Some of these rich guys talk to the public as if they’re on their payroll.

Today Kevin Hart appeared on Good Morning America where he said regarding the Oscars: “I’m over it”, and when given the incredibly soft ball question of wether or not a father should love his gay son (the answer should be yes), Kevin Hart instead talked about how he was judging the public for not seeing what’s in his heart. Presumably he said this right before heading back to the unlikely job of being a movie star where yes men will fawn all over him and laugh very loudly when he makes fun of a gay person.

Check out the clip below.

The thing is, I have to follow a lot of celebrity stories, and every story about Kevin Hart is kind of depressing. It’s a guy doing something deeply problematic and then instead of reflecting on his own behavior, is outraged at a secret cabal of haters there to bring down his career with their prissy attitudes. The truth is, homophobia is still virulent, and many parents will destroy their child’s life if they discover they are gay. Don Lemon — who shares a foothold in both the black and gay communities — explained this brilliantly in a viral clip on CNN. Check it out below.


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