VIDEO: Will Ferrell Eats Fish Eyeball on “Spill Your Guts, Fill Your Guts”

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“Spill Your Guts/FiIll Your Guts” always felt like the cruelest, John Watersesque comedy where Hollywood figures would rather eat cod sperm rather than tell an actor that they didn’t like even one of their movies. What’s meant to be a gross out segment kind of doubles as an inadvertent satire of rich ass Hollywood phonies. I mean, a segment of this involves James Corden having such a hard time remembering his employees’ names on live to tape television to avoid eating a scorpion. That’s some post apocalyptic television, baby — and it all culminates with James Corden eating a bursting turkey testicle to avoid naming his least favorite Will Ferrell movie, and Will Ferrell scooping up and eating a fish eyeball to avoid ranking John C. Reilly, Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg in terms of who he would want to work with again.

Which is ridiculous. One of those is the actor he’s easily had the most chemistry with, one is a weirdo who gets into arguments with SNL and is famous for committing a hate crime during his time in Boston, and another is an unrepentant sex creep, racist, and massive massive anti semite. Those are of course John C. Reilly, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson in that order. That Will Ferrell doesn’t want to hurt an anti semite’s feelings and would rather eat a fish eyeball on television is honestly more depressing than anything else. We can’t hurt Mel Gibson’s feelings, unlike when Mel Gibson talks about black people in a secret voicemail, in which case, boy, all bets are off.

As always this segment shows that James Corden would rather eat a turkey ball than tell Will Ferrell he didn’t like his movie with Woody Allen as much as Anchorman or whatever.

This all sucks, but gloriously, beautifully so.

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