What Does The First Ever ‘Miss AI’ Beauty Pageant Mean for Real Women?

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The world’s first AI beauty pageant, ‘Miss Ai,’ launched this year by the U.K.-based platform FanVue as part of the World AI Creator Awards, raises questions about future implications for real women. Although AI influencers have been present for years, ‘Miss Ai’ is the inaugural competition judging AI personalities on beauty, technology, and social influence. Brazilian AI influencer Ailya Lou, a contestant, has over ten thousand Instagram followers and posts typical creator content like lip-syncing videos. Similarly, Kenza Layli, an AI persona from Morocco, expressed her excitement about being a finalist. While ‘Miss Ai’ is currently lighthearted fun, its impact on media and women could be significant, as companies like Dove have already rejected AI women in advertisements, advocating for real women instead. The future may see ‘Miss Ai’ winners securing brand deals and modeling gigs, potentially setting unattainable beauty standards for human influencers.

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