VIDEO: English Inventor Selling His Own IRON MAN SUIT for $592,000

It's $592,000 so only rich randos can fly around in it.

British inventor Richard Browning created his own Iron Man suit, called the Gravity Industries Jet Suit, and for a little over half a million dollars, you too can float in mid air inside it for about ten minutes. Wow!

Inventor Richard Browning, for the Tony Stark like price of $592,000 (or £340,000 which is, granted actually $445,940.60 so I know one thing Browning invented… frickin’ gouging us) is selling the Iron Man suit at London’s Selfridges Department store. So maybe you can come in, buy a tie, buy a new suit jacket, oh, the Iron Man Suit, well, this is nice, cuff links and… oh, Iron Man suit armor polish, this is nice.

The suit has fine mini jet engines on the arms and back, goes 32 miles an hour and rises to 12,000 feet for approximately nine minutes. It floats for nine, but it flies for four. It runs on jet fuel and diesel, and I know what you’re thinking, sounds absolutely awful compared to the actual Iron Man suit from the movies and comics. But come on! Tony Stark had an edge! He was extremely fictional! Come on!

Here’s my hot take: I feel like an Iron Man suit should be a public service. What’s better, a thousand delighted teenagers all destroying their local parking lots doing air donuts in the Iron Man suit, or one garbage millionaire getting bored in it before funding the latest hard right politician? Folks. Mr. Browning. You did a good job making an Iron Man suit, but why did you have to make it for rich guys?

I am now about to beta test a new phrase which I hope I will not only use on the blog, but will take over the world for decades to come: “Alex no likey!!!”

Also why does it have to look like riot gear? Yeesh! The Iron Man costume Steve Ditko helped co-create looked like a lovable technicolor radio, not like a cop about to murder you for looking weird to him during a riot. Hmm, if Iron Man was real would he spend his time murdering cops and insulting people who don’t like his mini submarine? No, Iron Man is good, not like Elon Musk, no!

Ugh. No one make Squirrel Girl real so I can find out she also sucks, I beg of you.

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