YouTubers Jack SepticEye and Wiishu Announce Break Up

Fans have long been wondering about the split, which has finally been confirmed by the couple.

Popular YouTubers and social media influencers, JackSeptic Eye and Wiishu — real names Sean McLoughlin and Signe Hansen respectively — have announced that they have broken up. The pair has announced the end of their relationship, which has been ongoing for an undisclosed period of time (although Jack SepticEye notes that it has been a few months), in a pair of notes on Twitter.

JackSepticEye’s note focused on how he and Wiishu would like privacy during this time, and would like a stop to the rumors swirling around their break-up, something their fans have indulged in as the pair has continued to not address the thing on their minds.

Wiishu posted a note that was a bit lengthier than Jack SepticEye’s — focusing on how the lack of addressing of the issue is because of the pain that the break-up — like all break-ups — have caused her. Wiishu likewise pushes back against the fans blaming her for the split (something that fans often do, as seen more tragically in the current troubles of Ariana Grande).

Likewise, Wiishu announces that she will continue to produce content, and thanks her friends, family and supportive fans for their kindness during this time.

The pair has long documenter their relationship on YouTube, and for fans it felt like they truly knew the couple and kept up with them. For long time fans, the idea of their two favorite YouTubers splitting up feels incredibly personal, but of course not as personal as it is for the two parties involved. Fans should be remembered that break ups are a natural but always heartbreaking development in the lives of individual, and to be respectful throughout this situation.

We give our best to both Wiishu and Jack SepticEye during this difficult time.

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