What’s Up with the Stoned Ghostface all over TikTok?

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The iconic photo from the comedic spoof film Scary Movie where Ghostface gets invited over by a group of stoners and the audience is surprised when Ghostface doesn’t murder them right away but joins them. Joining them in shenanigans and then when attempting to rap kills them all as a part of his rap, except for Smokey. The photo circulated all over TikTok like wildfire when spooky season began until it ended. Causing an uproar of a Ghostface cult on TikTok especially with the newest addition to the Scream franchise coming out in theaters very soon!

Photo: A to Z Horror | Stoner Ghostface

Stoner Ghostface Cult?!?

No, not the typical cult that comes to mind but the kind of cult that consists of a group of people with similar interests wanting to follow each other. Like their posts and get more likes as possible from the people who also enjoy what they like. This is what started the Ghostface cult over TikTok, one creator instructing his followers to change their avatar picture to anything as long as it resembles the fictional Woodsboro High serial killer, Ghostface to gain more followers. All interacting with each other one way or another to boost each other’s profile and have this sense of community not only around Halloween but all year long.



It works #ghostface #ghostfacecult #ghost #StartUpShowUp

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Now, all over TikTok, there was this surge of creators changing their profile avatars to the fictional Ghostface killer whether it was from the original film Scream franchise or the Ghostface from comedy Scary Movie, posting out their shared love of this fictional serial killer. From creating works inspired by the killer or simply putting out POV videos, this Ghostface cult is one that you will see more often than not come across your for-you-page.


Does that mean I have to wear a shirt? #ghostfacecult #fyp

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Reply to @vincent_sigley Why are my comments full of ghost face pfps? #ghostface #ghostfacecult #pfp #riceart

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