H3H3 Stunned By Donations and Fellow Creators Support

The Philip DeFranco fundraising campaign fulfilled more than the couple could ever need.

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  • Philip DeFranco's campaign to support H3H3 Productions during their lawsuit has raised over $145,000!

    The campaign, which DeFranco launched after seeing the video about the fair use lawsuit H3H3 is currently embroiled in, went "viral" among fellow creators who have all stepped in to help their fellow YouTubers.

    H3H3 productions is currently being sued by another creator, MattHossZone over their alleged copyright infringement of one of his videos. The couple, Ethan and Hilla Klein had posted a video reacting to one of Hoss' videos, and allegedly Hoss didn't care for the criticism of the video is currently suing the couple for copyright infringement even though their video comes in squarely under fair use.

    Hoss initially attempted to settle the case out of court in an attempt to extort H3H3 productions for both money and publicity, both of which the company denied and now the case is going to court.

    Upon seeing the video on the lawsuit, and hearing of the $100,000 dollar price tag the case could possible carry, creator Philip DeFranco decided to create a GoFundMe for H3H3 donating $5,000 of his own money to kickstart the fundraiser.

    Multiple creators answered in kind! Notch, Garry Newman, Markiplier, Michael Green, Keemstar, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Kwebblekop, Ray Narvaez, Kurzgesagt, CriTiKal, Did you know gaming, Jake Roper, I Hate Everything, Luna, Matthias, Scarce, Steven Williams, Jenna Marbles, Leafy is here, and the Sound You Need are among the many over 5,000 people who donated to the campaign with the largest donation of $10,000 coming from The Fine Bros who thanked H3H3 for standing up for fair use.

    Now, both Ethan and Hilla have stated they cannot use all the money, so they plan on putting the sum into an escrow account with the famous Video Game Attorney's who give out free legal advice to creators in need for the purpose of defending further fair use cases. Ethan and Hilla will not be personally using any of the funds, and are themselves donating $5,000 of their own money to the fund.

    The account will be known as the Fair Use Protection Account AKA FUPA and they will be the first clients to use the account. Any creator who feels they have strong fair use case can email [email protected] to present their case for consideration.

    It is amazing what this community has achieved.

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