This Cat Is Better At Jenga Than Me

He makes the world's lamest game experience just a little more pawsitive.

  • Jenga Cat

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    Jenga isn't fun, it's work.

    You have to painstakingly stack little rectangular pieces of wood before slowly un-stacking and re-stacking them again from the bottom up.

    Even this kitty knows what's up. His human engages him in a battle of wit and dexterity, and he seemed to be winning by removing the blocks with his tiny wittle paws and tiny wittle teeth (OMG ADORABLE).

    Then he had a moment of clarity: "What am I doing? I'm a grown-ass feline spending my afternoon playing with blocks! Screw this!" and in true bad-ass kitty fashion, he punched the tower and peaced out.

    This cat really understands me.

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