Pizza's Here! Russian Pizza Chain Starts Deliveries Via Drone

Onlookers watched as a mini-chopper descended from the sky, safely delivering pizza.

  • Russian Pizza Chain Starts Pizza Deliveries By Drone

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    In Russia, the future of pizza delivery has arrived. One chain has started to make
    deliveries via drones -- mini-choppers that have the potential to eliminate human-to-human interaction in food delivery.

    This unique delivery method was caught on camera, as spectators gathered around to watch. The tiny drone’s landing was met with applause. For its size, it seems efficient, moving at 25 mph. With this pizza delivery success, the company is planning on cutting off human interaction altogether.

    Is this where the rest of the world’s pizza companies will be heading soon? I suppose we’ll have to find out. But until then, a more important question looms overhead: Would we still have to tip our friendly, neighborhood pizza drone?

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