Joel Embiid Is Trolling WHO!?!?

The NBA rookie hasn't even stepped on the court, but is showing off his social networking skills in the meantime.

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    Joel Embiid, the rookie forward for the 76ers, is already making headlines long before stepping on the court. He’s been trolling fellow athletes and celebrities on Twitter and it’s actually pretty entertaining.

    We all remember his attempted recruitment of LeBron to the 76ers over Twitter, and the subsequent blocking of King James that resulted when things did not go Embiid's way.

    His most recent victim — Kim Kardashian. He proclaimed his desire for her to “slide in his direct messages.” Translation: I want you to message me.

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    A few moments later, somebody apparently burst Embiid's bubble by breaking the news of Kim's recent marriage to Kanye West. So, appropriately, he apologized... well, sort of.

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