'Daring Window Washer Rescue' Is A Phrase I Never Thought I'd Write

It's just not something you think about.

  • Sixty-nine stories above ground level, two window washers found themselves stuck in their scaffolding, which had malfunctioned, at One World Trade Center. After a valiant effort from the New York Fire Department, I can now write the phrase "Daring Window Washer Rescue," something I never even conceived of doing when I first started at What's Trending in September of 2013.

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    Major news outlets had audiences transfixed to the tense scene, where the window washers' vehicle was seen dangling by only a few wires. In my years at UCLA film school, where I studied the classic work of Godard and Fellini, I never dreamed that one day I would be writing the ins & outs of a daring window washer rescue more than a decade later.

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    The scene looked like something out of an action film, with firefighters cutting open window glass over 700 feet high. The remarkable efforts of the FDNY in assisting distressed window washers is a subject I had never considered writing about before. My childhood in Pennsylvania and California was not window washer-centric, and I in no way perceived a scenario whereby I would write several hundred words about a daring window washer rescue decades in the future.

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    Who knew that one day, after years of struggling to write screenplays and novels, that I would be reporting, not only on critical city rescues, but on jokes and commentary surrounding the story as well. Truly, this was a daring window washer rescue.

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