Carpool Karaoke With Chris Martin of Coldplay

It's no Adele.

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  • In preparation for Coldplay's stint at the Super Bowl this Sunday, Chris Martin (better known as the man uncoupled from and now "like a brother to" GOOP founder Gwyneth Paltrow) joined The Late Late Show's James Corden for a round of carpool karaoke. There are some impressions of other singers, some forced jokes about American football, and of course a lot of singing along to a variety of Coldplay songs that all pretty much sound exactly the same. It's certainly not the worst of Corden's Carpool Karaoke series, but it is lacking some of the high entertainment factor we got with Adele's rendition of "Monster," or One Direction's crowded harmonizing, or even Iggy Azalea's awkward wedding dress shopping. But if you're a Coldplay fan, this may be a great video for you! For the rest of us, we'll just still be sitting over here hoping Corden can somehow manage to reunite the Spice Girls for one of these carpool sessions...

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