Comcast Apologizes After Terrible Customer Service Call Goes Viral

Tech journalist Ryan Block attempted to cancel his Comcast subscription over the phone in what just may go down in history as worst customer service call ever.

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  • Slate has the basics.

    The following is an excerpt from Listen as a Desperate Comcast Rep Refuses to Cancel a Customer's Service

    This weekend, tech journalist Ryan Block attempted to cancel his Comcast subscription over the phone. Instead of a quick hello and goodbye, the conversation turned into a harrowing, 18-minute customer service odyssey, with the company rep refusing again and again to disconnect Block's service without an explanation. The guy sounds like a soon-to-be ex desperately trying to fend off a breakup.

  • The Hill has more...

    The following is an excerpt from Comcast Issues Apology After Viral Service Call

    The issue is especially salient for Comcast, which is battling poor customer satisfaction ratings as it tries to convince regulators to approve a $45 billion bid to buy Time Warner Cable.

    Critics have feared that the merger between the nation’s No. 1 and No. 2 largest cable providers would lead to worse service, since the combined company would have even less to fear from competitors.

    Company executives retort that the merger will allow them to bring new and better products to subscribers and ensure that it can keep pace with rivals like Google and Netflix.

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