Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO)

John Olver goes over the fact that the police can just take your stuff if they have the slightest suspicion that it might be involved in a crime.

  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture (HBO)

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    John Oliver exposes the fact that the police force in the US are basically allowed to steal whatever they want from civilians, even if the civilians aren't charged with a crime, known as "civil forfeiture." When it comes to "civil forfeiture" the office seizing your belongings only have to suspect that your PROPERTY is the slightest bit involved in a crime. They don't even have to be proven guilty! The police forces are allowed to keep most to all of the money confiscated.

    What are your thoughts on this, should there be new laws giving stricter guidelines for civil forfeiture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @WhatsTrending!

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