Disturbed Man Starts Fight At Dallas Airport

He didn't like that the man in front of him in line was a homosexual.

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    At Gate C30 in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last Thursday, the man you see in the video got real crazy. He began chastising the man in front of him, hurling homophobic epithets before eventually kicking the man in the lower body.

    At this point, bystanders jumped in and tackled the man to the ground. One man in particular, in a cowboy hat, was in the middle of the fray and shouted in the man's ear on the pile: "No way, motherf**ker! You ain't doing that f**kin' sh*t, motherf**ker."

    This is the latest in a series of troubling incidents in Dallas, including multiple cases of Ebola and the Cowboys being 6-1.

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