All We Want To Do Is Play Pacapong

It's three classic games in one free package

  • You probably can't stop what you're doing right now to play a computer game. That's too bad, because look how cool this game is!

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Three classics combine forces in this fun, free mashup: Pong, Pac Man and Space Invaders. The two-player game turns a Pac Man board into the middle of a Pong battle, while invaders try to stop the paddles from ponging. The game is point-based, and the player with the most points -- gained from Pac Man pellets and invader kills -- wins.

    "Pacapong" was created by Dick Poelen. It's available for Windows, OSX and Linux. Download HERE and let the rest of your afternoon fade away in a haze of pellets and pongs.

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