Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore’s Invitation to Alabama, Insists It’s At The Mall He’s Banned From

I want to see Jimmy Kimmel beat up Roy Moore, wouldn't you?

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  • Yesterday Jimmy Kimmel — one of the most vocal voices against the Trump administration — got into a deeply strange Twitter fight with alleged sex criminal, and 100% person who is banned from the mall for sexually harassing young girls, Alabama candidate Roy Moore. After Kimmel sent a comedian to a Roy Moore rally for a future bit, Roy Moore fired back at Jimmy Kimmel saying that Kimmel mocks his Christian values. Already insane coming from a dude who would stalk teen girls and really would be on trial if it wasn’t for a lot of weird factors which really should not exist in a country that believes in justice. Watch the exchange below.

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  • Oh sssssnap! Did Roy Moore go into this fight thinking there was nothing to make fun of him for? Because folks, Roy Moore was wrong, and the stinging monologue from Kimmel attests to that, as Kimmel attacks Roy Moore for not calling him a Christian (it turns out Kimmel’s background is very religious), and mocks him — saying he’ll meet him in Alabama but only at the mall he’s banned from, and with a group of girls dressed as young cheerleaders, and if he can keep his hands to himself, they’ll meet.

    Although, as Kimmel notes — it sounds like Roy Moore kind of wanted to have a fight. And if so, he would gladly “put aside his Christian values” to do so.

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