Justin Bieber Debuts 12 Music Videos

A new album and 12 music videos all in one weekend

  • Bieber has been BUSY! On Friday Justin Bieber dropped his new album Purpose. Cool. Great. We like.
    Well, then the next day, the Biebs pulled a Beyonce and dropped 12 NEW MUSIC VIDEOS. Casual.

    Majority of the videos are dance videos that do not feature Bieber himself (similar to the "Sorry" video he dropped before the album release.) From emotional melodies, to dance floor soon-to-be hits, Bieber kind of covered all bases with the videos and tracks.

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  • There are honestly just too many to list in one article! You can check out Bieber's Vevo channels for more.
    What do you think? Which on is your favorite? Let us know in the comments and on social media!

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