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Asylum Film Or Children's Book With Tara Reid And Ian Ziering, Stars of 'Sharknado 2'

How well would you have scored?

  • We played a little game of Asylum film or children's book with Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, the stars of The Asylum's Sharknado 2.

    They listened to following titles and had to guess whether they're from a children's book or an Asylum film. Check out how they did...

    Alone For Christmas -- Asylum film (wrong)

    The Gruffalo -- children's book (right)

    Bermuda Tenticles -- Asylum film (right)

    Almighty Thor -- Asylum film (Ziering, right and Reid, wrong)

    The Adventures Of Captain Underpants -- children's book (right)

    The 7 Adventures Of Sinbad -- Asylum film (right)

    How well would you have scored?

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine

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