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Raping vs. Rapping: Some People Will Just Never Learn

What's the misspelling or grammatical error that drives you nuts?

  • Yousing the Corect Spellin and Grammer is Impartant! Otherwhise U look leik a MORAN!

    Who knew how frequently "rapping" is confused with "raping?" Apparently people don't have time to add that extra "p."

    Jacksfilms has a popular segment called Your Grammar Sucks, where he loves to talk about the stupid mistakes people use in grammar.

    His newest video, "Rapping vs. Raping," got 233,167 views in just one day! That's better than some rappers do... and some rapers.

    But seriously, what's the misspelling or grammatical error that drives you nuts?

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    Raping vs. Rapping:

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    Edited By: Morgan Tremaine

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