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Gregory Brothers FINALLY Songify the "I Like Turtles" Kid

Team Schmoyoho took to Instagram and Vine to post their latest unintentional singing masterwork.

  • I Like Turtles In the Key of C# Minor

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    10-year-old Jonathan Ware made "I Like Turtles" an internationally popular catchphrase after nonsensically inserting the phrase into a conversation with a local news reporter in May of 2007. Ware was being interviewed at the Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon, after a reporter wanted to know about his zombie face paint.

    Parodies and remixes abounded back in 2007, but the Gregory Brothers - the kings (and queen) of songification - had not taken on the project. Until NOW!

    And as an added bonus, the Gregorys include a shoutout to their own, now-classic tenth episode of "Auto-Tune the News." Check out the original video, featuring former Michigan Representative Pete Hoekstra ranting about turtle fences.

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    And check out the original "I Like Turtles" clip that started it all here:

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