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TIME Magazine's Weird VR Cover - Emily Kinney Guest Hosts!

The "Walking Dead" star and musician stopped by to talk about Palmer Lucky's weird cover shot on TIME Magazine.

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    Palmer Lucky got his own Time Magazine cover... and it's completely nutso. The image of the Oculus CEO frolicking on a beach in Virtual Reality goggles was so weird, it became an instant Photoshop meme that took over the internet.

    Musician Emily Kinney, aka Beth from "The Walking Dead," stopped by the What's Trending office during promotion for her album "This Is War" to talk about what Palmer Lucky might be doing in the picture.

    "Because you can't see what he's seeing," she pointed out. "It doesn't have to be a beach. He could be fighting zombies - well, he wouldn't be so happy and frolicking about it..."

    TIME is also getting criticized for their tone-deaf article about how Lucky "isn't like other Silicon Valley nerds ... He's cheery and talks in normal sentences that are easy to understand."

    "You know, I didn't necessarily associate nerds and the nerd culture with being dark," Kinney said about the 'cheery' remark. "I go to a lot of comic book conventions, and it's like dressing up and cosplay and Ninja Turtles!"

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    We loved hanging out with her and getting her take on things. If you need more Emily Kinney in your life, you can download her new single "Birthday Cake" from iTunes and preorder the rest of her "This Is War" album.

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