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Shia LaBeouf is Watching All His Own Movies Right Now

You can tune in to Shia’s latest wacky art stunt on his live-stream.

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    I’m starting to think Shia LaBeouf will never exhaust his ability to make the internet lose its mind. It’s actually kind of impressive - you’d think he’d be stale by now, but no.

    For his next wierd-yet-intriguing art project, Shia is currently watching all of his movies, in reverse chronological order, and live-streaming the whole thing - not live-streaming the movies, keep in mind, but his own face as he sits in the Angelika Film Center in NYC, watching himself.

    It’s called #AllMyMovies, it started yesterday and it will continue until tomorrow evening, November 12. You can tune in at

    Around 3am last night, he disappeared for an hour and a half during “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” - hard to blame him. He’s also been caught eating pizza, dozing off and making weird faces at his own career choices.

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