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World’s Oldest Sperm Becomes a Baby

This man’s sperm cells have been waiting patiently for 23 years to do their job.

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    This story sure does have a happy ending! (That’s a masturbation joke, see, because it’s about sperm.)

    In 1992, 15-year-old Alex Powell was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He needed chemotherapy, which would likely make him sterile for life. So his stepmother Patricia came up with an idea: get a sperm sample and freeze it so he could use it to have children later.

    The Daily Mail writes: “Patricia said she went with him and became concerned when he was in the room for a long time but he finally emerged with the container in his right hand a puzzled expression, saying that he didn’t know what to do next."

    Keeping the sperm viable for artificial insemination was more of a challenge. But luck was on Alex’s side, and 23 years later, after more than a year of treatments, Guinness World Records confirmed that his sperm has become the oldest ever to successfully impregnate a woman. His wife Vi just had a healthy baby boy named Xavier Powell, and he’s the first of multiple children the couple plan to have from that single sample.

    Now little Xavier can look forward to one day figuring out that his dad was the Frozen Sperm Guy.

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