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Let's Play a Game of "Where's Drake?!"

It's like Waldo, but with Drake.

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  • A company called The Young Astronauts has taken Drake's new album cover to the next level!

    Now you can put Drake on anything! Since getting a hold of this magical tool, the internet has been Drake-ing up photos everywhere. As a matter of fact, we put together a few of our own, in a game we called "Where's Drake?"

  • Drake crowd 1
  • Daredevil 2
  • Drake crowd 2
  • Okay so those weren't too hard. Just know that putting Drake on things is going to become the time suck of your day. We went from making these to making a few more... memorable photos.

  • Deadpool
  • Drake of cards
  • Jurassic world
  • Show us your creations in the comments below!

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